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LASIK in Ohio at OSU Eye & Ear Institute in Columbus, Ohio is performed by a number of LASIK Eye Surgeons affiliated with and clinical faculty of ophthalmology at The Ohio State University. These academic eye surgeons believe that the decision to have LASIK Laser Eye Surgery or All Laser Blade Free Custom Wavefront LASIK Eye Surgery is an intensely personal one. LASIK or Custom LASIK should be something you wish to do for yourself and only after a thorough LASIK consultation with an experienced LASIK surgeon and their staff. It is the eye surgeon and their staff that will ultimately provide you with the best Lasik Eye Surgery or Custom Lasik experience and results.

As Laser Eye Surgeons performing LASIK at Ohio State University, they feel strongly about eye surgery education when considering laser eye surgery or any type of laser eye operation for vision correction or eye health. OSU LASIK Eye Surgeons believe strongly in the importance of patient education, and especially regarding having all of your questions and concerns regarding LASIK or Custom LASIK addressed as part of your information gathering and personal education process. Patients seeking LASIK in Ohio will receive individualized and personalized information and education from the OSU Eye & Ear Institute faculty and staff in Columbus, Ohio. As an Ohio LASIK surgeon and eye surgeon responsible for patient care, clinical research and eye surgery education at Ohio State University, each faculty member and their staff should be considered an important educational resource for you. We are confident that by using the information provided within this site and learning more at in conjunction with the opportunity for a Free LASIK Consultation at OSU Eye & Ear Institute in Columbus, Ohio you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether LASIK Surgery or one of the other laser eye surgeries offered is right for you.

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